Beautiful summer themed clothing


I’ve been collecting some beautiful samples of patterned clothing, which I would like to share. Animal patterns are really in this summer and i couldn’t be happier. There’s not much to say about them except they are really playful and romantic.



Birds and other animals.





Polka dot.










Other summer patterns.




Article by Panos Pappas.



Fashion is not only about clothes, we all know well the showy element of this glamorous un-reality. The shock factor, showmanship and word of mouth play as much of a part of fashion as trends, influences and models. The latter in fact were all but forgotten in Dolce&Gabbana’s SS13 collection. The runway was taken over by Sicilian young men strutting their stuff (and tripping) in the same way as they would walk down their familial avenues in Taormina or Palermo. This was the context our mind’s eye should have projected onto the catwalk, not a theatre in a sweltering Milan, but a sunny Sicilian town, where the smell of the prickly pears and sounds of the dialect are carried by the sea breeze. Sending out real Sicilian men onto the catwalk is more than just an attempt by Dolce&Gabbana to project a different image, but it’s also a commentary on today’s fashion. Gone are the days of ostentatious un-wearable fashion, and we’re back to the purist clothes worn and loved by who choose them.

The collection in itself is not monothematic however, as, like Sicilians themselves, it has many facets. Gesualdo Bufalino, a Sicilian writer perhaps describes best the peculiarity of the Sicilian population in his book “L’isola plurale”:

So many Sicilies, why? Because Sicily has had the fate of finding itself, over the centuries, as the link between the great Western culture and the temptations of the desert and the sun, between reason and magic, between the storms of feelings and the heat of passion. Sicily suffers from an excess of identity and I do not know whether this is good or bad.

Looking back at the average Sicilian young man, wearing his best, with some irony, to attend school was the main image which stuck to the designer’s minds when creating the collection. The joi de vivre, innocence and purity assosciated with youth is reflected in every portion of the show, from the collection, the music and the faces of the young men.

At the centre of the collection lies the T shirt– easy to wear, quick, casual but also chic, and in warm places- the uniform of young and old. For SS13 jersey has been banned and it’s all about linen gauze. Inspired by the beach umbrellas which add colour to the sun-drenched Sicilian beaches. Green, yellow, blue and red stripes adorn shorts and T-shirts. The print is not clean, but textured for a less blocked, more romantic appearance, as though looking towards the horizon on a hot day.

Prints are important to Dolce&Gabbana and in recent season they’re enjoyed a sort of rebirth. For SS13, typically Sicilian prints such as temples, the cart and Pupi (traditional puppets) make cotton and linen gauze come alive with the sights, landscapes and traditions of Sicily.

Trousers and shorts are developed in three main fits for the former and two for the later. Trousers are either classically tailored, or high waisted with double or single pleats- the hems are rigorously cut above the ankle. Shorts are developed in two styles, both with high waists, one version is short, and the other is slightly longer but made voluminous with a crafty play of pleats and cuts.

The weaved leather sandals typical of Sicilian footwear take on a new life in the Dolce&Gabbana SS13 collection. Stone washed, waxed, and distressed, the humble sandal is reincarnated in a beautiful and exquisitely detailed and highly desirable must have item. Vintage travel sets or everyday bags inspire the accessories such as bags, satchel and rigid suitcases. Soaped leather mixed with linen and aged metal hardware give the impression of a family heirloom.


Original article by Valentina Zannoni here.


The classic rope-soled shoe of the French Mediterranean is the hot new shoe, as men around the world discover the simplicity and comfort of the espadrille. First appearing in the Pyrenees mountains, espadrilles have become synonymous with summer and the casual ease of the Riviera. Over time, their appeal and look have found their way into modern fashion, and fashion houses such as Versace and Armani have even used them on the runway. Don Johnson sported a pair in white during the early years of Miami Vice on television. Today, however, they have become the easiest to pack and most versatile footwear for a man of any age to wear in warmer climates.

Espadrilles are normally casual flat, but sometimes high heeled shoes originating from the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material moulded to look like rope. The jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style.

The espadrille has been around for centuries maybe even thousands of years. The Archaeological museum of Granada owns a pair of espadrilles that were found on human remains inside the “cueva de los murielagos” (the bat-cave).

Espadrilles became fashionable in USA in the 1940s. Lauren Bacall’s character in the 1948 movie Key Largo wore ankle-laced espadrilles. The style was revived in the 1980s, due to the success of Miami Vice—the shoe was worn by Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson).
In the summer of 2009 one could see the espadrilles, having a hesitant comeback. Since then, they have become a classic piece of summer footwear for men.

Espadrilles are unquestionably casual, to the point at which they could be considered more like ‘outdoor slippers’ than shoes. This is definitely not the sort of footwear you can take into a business meeting on Monday morning! However, they are an ideal solution for those planning to spend their holiday deck side, or perhaps walking the dog along the boardwalk in the oppressive twilight heat. Living in Greece, I am used to seeing Men wearing Espadrilles during the morning or the afternoon, on the beach or for a walk. Again, avoid wearing them on dinner, or something even slightly formal.


Tailored Shorts


Based on the collections showcased at various fashion weeks across the globe, one of the key pieces for SS13 are tailored shorts, and the notion of shorts suits. It may not be particularly ground-breaking to report that shorts are going to become an influential piece of menswear come spring/summer. Nevertheless, what you should be aware of is the style of shorts that are likely to become popular and the items you choose to pair them with.

It is clear from my research that a more traditionally tailored style will be favoured by the majority of the high street come SS13, and as Shortlist magazine writes: “It’s all about the slim cut – from hip to hem.” The high fashion designers also demonstrated a penchant for shorts paired with blazers. The concept of the shorts suit (aka a suit jacket worn with matching shorts) has been simmering within spring/summer collections for several years now – could SS13 be the season that this trend comes to the forefront?

How To Wear
In terms of how to wear, tailored shorts look best when matched with other smart-casual pieces. Oxford shirts, polos, granddad collars and slim-fit knitwear are the perfect accompaniments, and tucking yourself in is also something that complements the essence of this look.
Whether you opt for timeless neutral shorts or more striking statement colours/patterns is completely up to you.

Modern Shorts Suit & Separates
It is clear that this is a trend which has been trying to claim the limelight for a several seasons now, and I think SS13 could be the time for the tailored shorts suit to shine.

For those looking to take on the shorts suit approach this SS13, it has already been proven that you don’t have to utilise matching pieces in order for it to be successful. The traditional shorts suit is a look that is still not appropriate for the majority of office settings, so instead mix and match your existing separates together in order to create refined, summer appropriate outfits for the weekends or holidaying.

With this in mind, the style of the shorts is more important, so keep them well fitted at the waist (they should be able to be worn without a belt) and make sure they closely follow the lines of your thighs, stopping an inch or two above the knee.

Adidas originals 2013

Original article by Ben Jones here.

Tips for the Spring/Summer 2013


This spring/summer is definitely one to get excited about. We’ve had the summer of prints and bold colours, and while they were great fun at the time, this summer is all about taking what we’ve learnt from past experiences and refining it.

Men’s style is really advocating the sensibility that less is much, so this season your mind should be on smaller, more subtle patterns and simple colour combinations that help to communicate your own confidence and natural sense of style. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you wore last year, you just need to be more considered when putting a look together.

1. Old Jacket, New Fit
It seems like every designer is reaching into the past and bringing all kinds of traditional patterns and fabrics back into the modern day, complete with quality cuts and silhouettes.
This is especially apparent in blazers and sport jackets, which are set to prominently feature classic check patterns this spring/summer. Whether you opt for Glen plaid, houndstooth or gingham, look to pick one up in summer appropriate fabrics like madras, linen or cotton blends so when layered over an Oxford cloth shirt, you’ll barely even know it’s there.

2. The Panama Hat
I mentioned this hat last year when we were covering the comings and goings of Pitti Uomo, and it seems to have done nothing but gather speed.
Forget those black, grey or navy fedoras with stingy brims – the man with the whitest widest brim wins this year.

3. Colour Me Pastel
This is a really simple upgrade and it can do wonders for all of your looks once the sun begins to shine.Invest in pastel (or chalk-like) colours, they work great for nearly every guy once they’ve got a little bit of colour themselves and can be integrated seamlessly into your wardrobe.
Think pinks, greens, purples and yellows and always make sure to pair them with more neutral pieces to give your look balance and help ground the bolder hue.

4. Floral Accessories
Yes, I know I said that this spring/summer would be all about keeping things simple – but you should always own accessories that help bring your look to life.
This time, rather than trying to integrate wild patterns into your look, opt for a floral accessory such as a tie, scarf or pocket square. The pattern is subtle, simple and sophisticated and works well with any outfit you build, be it a full suit or simple jeans and t-shirt combination.
Don’t be afraid to invest in florals, it’s just about the only pattern that guys haven’t worn regularly yet.

5. Check Your Contents
When the weather picks up it’s easy to think that your only options are shorts and polo shirts, day and night. But you’re just plain wrong. With so many pieces being made out of lightweight, breathable materials such as linen, whipcord and tropical wools there’s no reason that you can’t wear a blazer during the day and layer up at night.
It’s just a matter of layering with intelligence as well as style. Try a navy linen blazer with peak lapels for a jacket that can be worn no matter the occasion or weather.

Original article by Matt Allinson here.




yellow is a prominent color that walks a fine line between appealing looks and outright garishness

Yellow is a color that immediately grabs your attention in the most direct way possible.It’s used liberally in various warning signs and labels.It’s bright, loud, and holds the eye instantly””even more so than white.It’s a color representative of spring and summer, at times festive and giddy.
When you decide to wear yellow, let’s face it: you have just decided that you want to be noticed, and not in the most subtle way possible.

Wearing yellow with just about any other color in the spectrum can easily become a fashion land mine.For instance, alternating yellow and black in an outfit may make you look like a human-sized bumble bee.Yellow and orange in an outfit is rather garish, as two loud colors close to one another in the color spectrum tend to clash.In general it’s the brighter shades of color that will clash badly.

Yellow and most other medium colors such as gray and brown can potentially become a fashion misstatement.Also, offshoots of these colors, beige, dark brown and the lighter grays may not compliment yellow very well.Strong colors like orange, green, purple and red should be avoided with yellow altogether in the same attire.

Surprisingly, certain shades of blue match with certain shades of yellow, and to clarify the earlier assessment, certain shades of gray.However, bright/light blues with yellow represent another range of garish color combinations to be avoided.When mixing with medium colors, the yellow should be toned down to a shade similar to pastels, and the medium color should be deep and rich.This makes for a pleasing contrast, for instance, a pastel yellow blouse and medium gray pants or skirt combination.

A pastel yellow dress shirt (perhaps with a white collar) works well with dark gray, navy blue, or black slacks.Everything else in casual wear is a go; shorts, t-shirts and other casual wear.Yellow in paler shades is a light, summer color for just about every informal occasion.However, yellow should be avoided in all but a dress shirt in business and formal wear.


Oddly enough, weather conditions tend to play a factor for people when deciding what colors to wear.It is far more appealing to be seen wearing yellow on a bright spring or summer day than on a dark and rainy day in fall or winter.Even on rainy days in the spring or summer, people tend to tone down on the bright colors, more than likely a subconscious decision.

The range of colors that accentuate yellow in most clothing attire are the dark tones and shades.Charcoal grays, deep browns, royal blue and similar colors make a good pairing with yellow.A suggestion is to use muted shades of yellow in these color combinations so as not to jar the eye from one part of the outfit to the other.

In closing, yellow is a prominent color that walks a fine line between appealing looks and outright garishness, but with a good eye on coordinating it with other colors and a little care, can be very stylish.

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