Fashion is not only about clothes, we all know well the showy element of this glamorous un-reality. The shock factor, showmanship and word of mouth play as much of a part of fashion as trends, influences and models. The latter in fact were all but forgotten in Dolce&Gabbana’s SS13 collection. The runway was taken over by Sicilian young men strutting their stuff (and tripping) in the same way as they would walk down their familial avenues in Taormina or Palermo. This was the context our mind’s eye should have projected onto the catwalk, not a theatre in a sweltering Milan, but a sunny Sicilian town, where the smell of the prickly pears and sounds of the dialect are carried by the sea breeze. Sending out real Sicilian men onto the catwalk is more than just an attempt by Dolce&Gabbana to project a different image, but it’s also a commentary on today’s fashion. Gone are the days of ostentatious un-wearable fashion, and we’re back to the purist clothes worn and loved by who choose them.

The collection in itself is not monothematic however, as, like Sicilians themselves, it has many facets. Gesualdo Bufalino, a Sicilian writer perhaps describes best the peculiarity of the Sicilian population in his book “L’isola plurale”:

So many Sicilies, why? Because Sicily has had the fate of finding itself, over the centuries, as the link between the great Western culture and the temptations of the desert and the sun, between reason and magic, between the storms of feelings and the heat of passion. Sicily suffers from an excess of identity and I do not know whether this is good or bad.

Looking back at the average Sicilian young man, wearing his best, with some irony, to attend school was the main image which stuck to the designer’s minds when creating the collection. The joi de vivre, innocence and purity assosciated with youth is reflected in every portion of the show, from the collection, the music and the faces of the young men.

At the centre of the collection lies the T shirt– easy to wear, quick, casual but also chic, and in warm places- the uniform of young and old. For SS13 jersey has been banned and it’s all about linen gauze. Inspired by the beach umbrellas which add colour to the sun-drenched Sicilian beaches. Green, yellow, blue and red stripes adorn shorts and T-shirts. The print is not clean, but textured for a less blocked, more romantic appearance, as though looking towards the horizon on a hot day.

Prints are important to Dolce&Gabbana and in recent season they’re enjoyed a sort of rebirth. For SS13, typically Sicilian prints such as temples, the cart and Pupi (traditional puppets) make cotton and linen gauze come alive with the sights, landscapes and traditions of Sicily.

Trousers and shorts are developed in three main fits for the former and two for the later. Trousers are either classically tailored, or high waisted with double or single pleats- the hems are rigorously cut above the ankle. Shorts are developed in two styles, both with high waists, one version is short, and the other is slightly longer but made voluminous with a crafty play of pleats and cuts.

The weaved leather sandals typical of Sicilian footwear take on a new life in the Dolce&Gabbana SS13 collection. Stone washed, waxed, and distressed, the humble sandal is reincarnated in a beautiful and exquisitely detailed and highly desirable must have item. Vintage travel sets or everyday bags inspire the accessories such as bags, satchel and rigid suitcases. Soaped leather mixed with linen and aged metal hardware give the impression of a family heirloom.


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Eyewear Spring/Summer 2013


Comfort, fit and durability rank high with men when it comes to choosing their eyeglasses. While men are concerned with style, they won’t forsake comfort and fit just to look good. Men have their own tastes, but it may be a wife, girlfriend or significant other who will influence the final style or color of the frame. Lets try to change this by giving away some tips and trends for the next season.

Nerdy is in. And it is more than evident from the shape trends that are being predicted for eyeglass frames this year. Panto (round) frames are ruling the roost. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy optical frames or sunglasses, this is the trend to pick. Fascinated by everything retro? Oversized accessories have been popular for a while now. A super-crazy trend that was seen in most runway shows was protective eyewear. Whether or not it makes an actual transition to the streets remains to be seen.

Zachary Quinto being the King of retro in the TV series “American Horror Story”

Terra Moderna: Specs and shades in this trend have a retro, handcrafted feel, with artisanal touches like leather piecing, weaving, perforations and topstitching. Be on the lookout for materials such as luxe plastics, straw, burnished brass and wood, which all add to a rustic appearance.

The Ray Ban ClubMaster brings the hottest eyewear style for 2013. In addition to new and modern colors to the market, such as green, red and yellow. The model was launched in the 80s, precisely in 1986, and was inspired by a piece used by Malcolm X in the 50′s, thus becoming a reference in attitude. The Ray-Ban ClubMaster model has became famous for being the hallmark of Mr. Ripley film The Talented Mr. Ripley, besides being the darling of the rock world. Turned counter-culture reference, intellectuals and civil rights leaders, and in recent years has been gaining the fashion world and the streets as an indispensable accessory of personality and style.

The successful lunch of the new optical collection from MYKITA has become the next level of the industry. This line was created especially for sport lovers, for use in sports. As you can see that all frames are created as sportswear and fashion accessories, as well.

Do you believe that fashion goes round? The new round shaped frame collection from Marc Jacobs has become the retro chic heritage during the Summer 2013 season. Fans of the 50′s and 60 years and fashionistas, аs well, will be fallen in love with these new Marc Jacobs sunglasses 2013.

Japanese eyewear label Tana-Gokoro has just released a collaborative effort with fellow Japanese brand hobo in the form of a celluloid fiber-based optical frame. The thin classically-styled frames feature simple silver ornamentation near the bridge and temples for a professorial look.

New styles from the Thom Browne by Dita Eyewear Collection were introduced for Holiday 2012. The collection sees the reintroduction of both the Wellington and Round frame styles, as well as new color/lens combinations unique to this season. Particularly appealing is the barely-noticeable Thom Browne signature tri-color stripe on the arms.

Hyde’s Spectacles is yet another Swedish brand that has caught our eye with their upcoming collection. Established in 2010, Hyde’s pride themselves as purveyors of old school craftsmanship. In some ways, we can look to Hyde’s as small run producers, as all of their products are crafted by hand and made in limited numbers. As with all of their previous collections, no Hyde’s logo is found on their products based on their belief that the spectacles should “belong solely to an owner’s personality.”

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