Aztec (or tribal) print is once again set to be a big trend this summer for women, but it is also fast becoming a micro trend in menswear. Be it a printed rucksack, t-shirt or even a pair of socks – there are many ways to explore this trend. The Aztec print was slowly filtering through into stores last year, but this year they are all over the high street so make sure you invest in a key piece to be on trend for summer.

This print is all about strong shapes, fabrics filled with triangles and circles, black outlines and lots of strong colours; if the bold print isn’t your thing then there are plenty of items that incorporate one colour with different shades to show the detail.

The key to most fashion trends is understanding how to wear it – for those still a little unsure of this trend, my advice would be to invest in a subtle t-shirt like the one from Topman where the print is just on the pocket, it will spruce up your day-time look much more than just a plain tee whilst still taking a nod to the trend. There are even more subtler ways to wear this trend, we are seeing lots of rolled up jeans this year and the designers have used this to add a splash of colour by printing an Aztec pattern onto the roll ups. Then when you are feeling a little braver you can team some Aztec printed shorts with a plain vest, perfect for the festival season.

So that’s the understated approach, how about those who are willing to experiment a little more? If you are looking to make a statement then layer up your prints – customize your denim jacket with an Aztec design (maybe on the pockets or even around the collar) and wear it over your printed tee, finished off with some denim shorts with more tribal detailing.

This trend is suitable whether you are shy or eccentric, and with hues of pink, green and orange set to stay in autumn, the Aztec print can be worn into the winter; just tone down the colours to more earthy tones when the weather gets a bit colder and you are good to go.


Original article by Kara Stanton here.


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